Sunday, March 22, 2009

Q&A with Zak Drummond formerly of Verse

Zak and I used to look lie weirdo brothers, but now we don't. He's a sweet dude, and a sick guitar player. Plays music in some sweet bands. Let' hear what he has to say about some things. Let it Ride. . .
1- What drives you to play live music in front of people?

I just really love playing music. Whether I'm in a room with just one other dude just screwing around with riffs or I'm playing a show I'm just happy to be playing. Especially if I get to be really loud.
2- Do you enjoy playing sober, buzzed, stoned, or wasted more?

I don't have a ton of experience with this but so far I can say that I don't love playing wasted. I did that once and it wasn't sweet. I remember sweating a lot.

3- What do you normally worry about when you are on tour?

How many days in a row I'm going to eat Taco Bell, how many times I'm going to overdraw my bank account, when and where will I lose my phone charger or wallet and how will I get it back, how many days can I wear the same pair of underwear without feeling like a piece of trash.. you know, usual shit.

4- Did you come across any convicts or Koala's while you were in Australia?

Koalas, yes! I held one and it was named Pepsi and that dick tried to steal my glasses but I was too fast for him. Convicts no.. unless those Comeback Kid dudes kept shit from me. Actually wouldn't surprise me: Casey, I'm looking at you.

5- Your on tour, you arrive at the venue and you have to take a shit, but there is no toilet paper and the bathroom is definitely not shitable, what do you do?

From being on tour I've learned to shit practically anywhere. For example we were staying with a girl in Texas and I reaaaaally had to shit. Both of the bathrooms were occupied and I knew there was a roll of toilet paper in the van. I grabbed the roll, leaned against the exterior wall of this house and shit in this poor girl's front yard. I tried to pick as much of it up as I could and I threw it in the neighbor's garbage pail and this doesn't answer your question.. Let's just say I'll do whatever I have to do to shit. Nothing will get in my way.

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