Thursday, May 7, 2009

Insight. . .

Wondering why I didn't update on tour? Didn't think so, anyway. Downtime, wasn't available which I'm fine with. So in that case thing's must have been crazy, awesome, wild, stories galore? Not really. Tour was cool, I'd rather be on out on the mistress that has more holes than swiss than at home sitting in my room eating cookies and vanilla soy delicous by myself. Everything before the Burning Fight show was good, nothing great, but good.

108 was great everynight, so much energy and passion within that band. I Rise with yet another new line-up but this seems to be the one for now, I hope they stick. Sounded better than ever.

Chicago and Burning Fight was magical. I can't really shed much more light on it. I got to see Unbroken, the end.

We also jumped on a Bane show the next day in Indy, IN. That was a lot of fun then we drove home to start recording.

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