Thursday, July 15, 2010

For those who Get It!

Tour wrap up of sorts. I will honestly say this was the hardest tour I have ever been apart of on a personal level. I was notified that an old friend of mine committed suicide a week into tour. This just put me inside my own head, I didn't feel like talking much to anyone. I didn't feel like I was able to relate to anyone around me. I felt distant and uncomfortable a lot of the time and I was surrounded by friends, but those friends didn't know this other person that was apart of my life. Everyday on tour was a reminder, this person was someone I started going to shows with, someone that I went to high school with, someone that I skateboarded with, someone I defended and someone who defended me. These were the thing's I was processing while I was rereading the same sentence in over and over again on our drives or when I was driving in silence. I realize death is a part of life and we are selfish being's and can never truly understand what the person was thinking when they commit an act like suicide. Everyone has their own breaking point and we all have breaking point's and reach places that no one else knows about. After the last tour and what happened, what kept me somewhat sane, was the fact that it was almost over, this time it was the beginning. I can be a hard person to be around when something is raging inside my head, I don't communicate well and I don't socialize well when I have a lot going on. I like my space, I like being able to figure thing's out and I like being around people who have some sort of attachment to people when something happens like this.

Well besides all that we got to play some really amazing shows on this tour. Ann Arbor, MI was by far one of the best show's we have ever played as a band. It was a great feeling. Rapid City, SD was also another really great show and some great people, plus we drove through the tail end of a tornado and saw Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument. Rainfest weekend was a bit much for all of us, but our set was great and we got to see some really great bands and plenty of friends. Rotting Out, Expire, Like Wolves, Black SS, Punch, Dangers, Not Sorry, Another Breath, Power, Backtrack, Sixes were the highlights for me. Bellingham, WA house show was really rad it felt great to play a packed house show. Vancouver,BC always awesome, so many great people and bands from that city Circles, Vacant state are just 2 of the plethora of ragers. Portland, OR has one of my favorite human being's alive living there right now. Aaron is always a smile that I need and I really needed his company on this tour, we had a day off on this tour in Portland and got to hangout with him an extra day, we played lefty/righty and had an awesome home cooked meal. It was a great night with great people. At our show the night before I was blown away by a single act of kindness, it is something that will always be with me from here on out. This is something that is personal and we share ourselves every night. I will not take that for granted and this act made me realize that we have the ability to touch peoples lives and that our music and ideas do mean something after all. When you tour and play show after show sometimes you forget things, and this made it all very clear and I thank you Alison. The rest of the tour is kind of a blur, Rotting Out crew took care of us in the LA area, Reyes family is our home away from home. Thanks for caring about the band if you came out on this tour, we really are thankful that people care about our band. Sometimes we may not outrightly show it, but we care more about creating music and sharing our ideas more than you know. Touring can be hard and a unforgiving beast and we aren't a band to really cover up our feelings, we feel a vibe, we react to it and we create one of our own sometimes, we are emotional creatures. Not every show is going to be awesome, not every show is going to be life changing, and not every show will be terrible. Well will continue being human and saying the wrong things, fucking up, learning, and living what we call life. Thanks for sharing all of this with us.


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