Monday, February 9, 2009

A Few Questions with Dan Bress of Dead Mechanical and formerly of Bad Business

Currently in Baltimore,Md at my friend Dan's house. Dan is one of the best guys around and he's been in some amazing bands. He's spent some time on the road so I caught up with him and did a live 1 on 1 with him at his dining room table in his awesome house. Dan currently rages in Dead Mechanical on the bass guitar, check them out.

1. When you first started touring I remember stories of you sleeping in awkward places, what are some of those places?

- The infamous one is probably a utility closet in Memphis,TN. Where I slept curled up around a hot water heater while Shawn, Brandon and Jeff went to an abandoned Insane Asylum. I also slept in a closet at Red Tim's girlfriends place, I slept under a pullout sofa mattress in Greenpoint, Ny.

2. Did the idea of touring and the actual event of touring correlate at all when you got out on the road?

- No, the idea of touring is having fun and partying and staying up late, and driving with the wind in your face. But in reality it's not being able to sleep and being hungry, and getting sick, and riding in the van curled up trying to sleep, which makes you anti-social at shows.

3. If you could pick a time period to be in a touring band what would time would be that?

- 1982 US tour with Minor Threat. 1982 be in Another State of Mind. Booking Tours with phone callas and showing up in towns you've never been in and showing up to shows with hundreds of kids and a line of cop cars in front of the venue.

4. Shittiest place you have ever stayed on tour and or jaw dropping I can't believe I'm in the house?

- In Myrtle Beach on the last Dead Mechanical tour we stayed with this dude Carl at his parents beach house. We each at our own bed and we went to the beach in the morning. On the first Bad Business tour we stayed in Manitoac,WI stayed at this kids parents house, and the kid slept on top of his sheets with all of his clothes on and we ate his parents food. The night before we stayed in Traverse City,MI and Shawn was naked in the basement. Trying to play a joke on Brandon, but it backfired and the guy's house we were staying at ended up seeing Shawn naked.

5. Have you made any self-imposed challenges on tour?

- Usually makeout with as many girls as possible, but that ends up with usually about one, see how long I can go without masterbating and that usually ends up lasting four days, I try not to get sick. My cousin and I have a bunch of challeneges like, who can run faster, or who can do more push ups, who can climb higher ona wall, stuff like that.

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