Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mark Bronzino of Seasick & ANS

Mark and I got to meet when we were both raging in different rock outfits. Since then we've kept in contact through some form or another. I would like to think that we are friends and well when we talk it's usually about girls or punk. Both which beat us up pretty bad, but it's an addiction that we both can't shake really. In all honesty Mark is a very down to earth and compassionate person and I'm lucky enough to call him my friend. He shreds the axe in Seasick and ANS, So this is kind of a twofer. Go see one of his punk ensembles on your this summer while you.

1- How can a normal day of tour be described for you? Please describe
Seasick and ANS differences. . .

a day on the road is pretty normal for both seasick and ANS. wake up
on someones floor or couch that probably smells like cats or punks,
then start driving for about an hour before buying some chips or some
sort of "this happens to be" vegan filth that you find in rest stops
for breakfast. get back in the van and drive for a few more hours, get
to the show, load in, play as hard as you can, load out. then drive to
the sleeping spot, maybe cook ourselves dinner then hang for a bit
before sleeping under a table or on a blow up mattress next to the
bass player. repeat.
last summer on ANS tour we wrote our new LP and splits in the van and
thats sort of started a trend for all of my subsequent touring. on
this seasick tour we are going to be (finally) writing our lp, then on
the following ANS tour we will be writing our splits with ramming
speed and the rats from sweden. the biggest difference between touring
in the two bands is seasick usually wants to stop at cool vegan
restaurants and record stores while ANS usually wants to check out the
rad local skate spot. both bands enjoy partying quite a bit, but we
arent lucky enough nor do we have enough free time to "party all the
time" like eddie murphy's girl.

2- What role do you play when it comes to the band while on the road?
I.E organizer, song writer, motivator, money man. . .

i would like to think that everyone in both of the touring bands i am
in pulls their own weight while on the road. i play a part in booking
the tours and writing the songs in both bands, but everyone does their
fair share and we try to rotate responsibilities and distribute them
equally or to everyones ability/ time schedule. on seasick's european
tour i ended up having my passport copied and signing things when it
was time to get paid at state sponsored youth centers a few times.
that was really strange for us because we almost always get paid with
some sweaty bills and coins blended in with one or two guitar picks
handed to us in a man's top hat. one time in virginia we got paid in
pretzels with peanut butter in the middle... delicious! don't worry
kids they were vegan!

3- How fast does it take for the van to smell bad?

as soon as seasick gets in the van and gore rips one of his classic
potato chip farts (the kind one can only produce from a crude vegan
diet of lays classic original and cola), the tour stench begins.
however on ANS tour the van usually smells already, having just been
abused by seasick or whatever foreign crust band joe decides he wants
to be seen with that month. on the rare occasions we enter a clean
van, its usually within three days of not showering and hours upon
hours of intense driving and listening to power violence that ANS
makes quite a foul smell.

4- Can you explain the appeal of getting in a smelly van and sleeping
on floors to some that might not get it?

unfortunately i can not. my family thinks im crazy because i dont make
any money (in fact i lose lots on every tour!) and who wants to sleep
in a basement filled with rats, old pornography and used needles if
they can avoid it? i guess the best explanation i could give someone
is that this is my life, and this is what i have to do.

5- Most random person you've met while on tour? I.E bumping into
someone from home, celebrities and so forth.

in amsterdam seasick ran into a bar tender at the club we played who
was wearing a fun ghouls shirt (local new brunswick misfits cover
band). i had to ask about the shirt, and it turns out he was also from
new brunswick and used to play in SLAW (local new brunswick punk band)
and i think johnny hot dog and the condiments (pre-ergs). it was
strange being that far from home and meeting someone who was from our
town. he was also very nice. i would say he was the most random person
ive met, next to of course the dude we thought we killed in california
on seasick/ ANS tour. but thats a whole other story for another

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