Monday, July 27, 2009

Europa Tour 09'

We embark on another tour this Wednesday, our first time heading over to Europe together. We'll be raging with Balance who are from Sweden. I'm excited to meet those guys and hopefully become great friends. I know Soul Control has toured Europe before, but not with this group of guys in the band, so I'm really excited to be apart of this trip.

Ryan and I are also moving out of our house this month and well it's a pain in the ass trying to get everything together. I'll be pretty much homeless until Nov. because I can't afford to pay rent while we're going to be gone and well one less expense to worry about really. It's a kind of freeing situation really. Plenty of great friends have offered me their couches in the mean time, so thank you so much to everyone. Also my friend Melanie is letting me store my meager amount of things in her basement so I'm very grateful for that. Honestly without our support network of friends I don't know where I or this band would be, so thank you to everyone who has really gone above and beyond for us, we really do appreciate it.

So these are the dates for our Europe trip.

all shows with BALANCE (SWE)
31/7 BE Antwerpen @ Den Eglantier
1/8 UK Ipswich @ The Rose and Crown
2/8 UK Sheffield @ Upperthorpe Hotel
3/8 UK Stoke on Trent @ Harry's Bar
4/8 UK Nothingham @ The Old Angel
5/8 UK London @ Grosvenor
6/8 BE Izegem @ Didi's Kot
7/8 BE Ghent @ Frontline (W/ DYS)
8/8 GE Wolfsburg @ Jugendhaus Ost
9/8 GE Hamburg @ Hafenklang
10/8 SWE Malmo @ Utkanten
11/8 SWE Goteborg @ Nortgarten
12/8 NO Oslo
13/8 NO Stavanger @ Kvitsøygata 25,
14/8 SWE Lindesberg @ Musikhuset
16/8 POL Warsaw @ CDQ
18/8 SLO Kosice @ T klub
19/8 UKR Kyiv @ Sokol Café
20/8 HU Zamárdi @ Közösségi Ház @ Rise Fest
21/8 AU Vienna @ Centro Once!
22/8 GE Hohenstein-ernsthal @ Voice Of Art festival
23/8 GE Bochum @ Zwischenfall @ Light's Out Fest
25/8 SP Madrid @ Barracudas
26/8 PO Porto @ Pin Up Bar
27/8 PO Faro @ A.R.C.M.
28/8 FR Angers @ T’es Rock Coco
29/8 BE Ieper @ Ieperfest

Time to Rage!!!

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  1. Good luck with the move dude. Sad to see that it's possible I may never attend another show in your basement, but considering your touring schedule, it makes sense. Hope Eurotour goes well! Also, some sad news: the print zine I interviewed for in April kind of fell apart, but I'm planning on doing something with it still. I'll keep you updated when I get that figured out.