Saturday, August 1, 2009

Europe 2009 post #1

We're in Europe, Currently in a town outside of Ipswich, England staying with some suckers. They told us we smell like feet, but hey hat do you expect from 9 guy's in a van, although it is only day 2 of playing shows. Eric decided to purchase this awesome hat for this tour, sometimes I forget he's wearing it and I'll just start laughing. So good! The Balance guys are stand up dudes, stoked to be sharing a van with a bunch of nice swedes.

We stayed in the red light district in Antwerp, Belgium that was pretty interesting and entertaining in some regards. We had balcony access so we got to watch some action from above and we got some snears from the ladies. One woman of the night yelled to us " This is not a cinema!" We didn't think of anything snappy to say until after the fact. It's just totally wild being in a a different country and they view sex as something total acceptable even if you pay for it. Just makes you think and wonder about how we Americans do things. I don't know it's always nice challenging your own thought's on things espcially when you're surrounded by it. Well thats about it for now. Who know's when I'll have access to the net again.

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  1. I'm not so sure about that eric guy. That hat makes him look shady.