Friday, September 4, 2009

U.S Tour. . .

I know I didn't update much from Europe. Not as much access to the internet as I thought I might have. So I wasn't able to give you all the juicy details while on the road over there. I will say this, we had a blast despite having to cancel some shows because of border crossings and impossible drives, and we got some shows canceled on us as well which sucked, but we tried to make the best of any situation given to us. The Balance guys are a bunch of sweethearts and were very kind to us the whole tour, so I'm glad we got to meet and become friends with those guys. We also meet a ton of wonderful people from all over Europe, people that housed us, cooked us food, played tour guides, so many gracious smiles we can't thank you enough. So in between getting really sun burnt to the point of sun poisoning and spending 30plus hours in a van on a certain drive, plus some other long haul drives our spirits weren't broken to bad.

I ate plenty of Falafal, some good some awful, I ate plenty of bread and drank lot's of water. The rest of my band ate more vegan food than they were used to normally. Mushrooms were picked out of meals so I could eat. No big allergy flare ups. We got to hang with our friends from home a few times, Outrage, The Effort, On, Trash Talk, Polar Bear Club, and Wait In Vain. I will say this, that new Outrage is damn awesome and I want that band to conquer the world ASAP. We got to play with some sweet bands like Oathbreaker, True Colors, and Rythem To The Madness to name a few.

So with the very condensed Europe wrap up comes the new found U.S tour we are about to embark on. We are back in Providence,RI for a short time and hit the road again very soon. Come hangout if we are in your neck of the woods, We will actually have our new LP with us this tour, very happy about that. We will be using our own gear and I have lot's of hope that our van "The Nugget" will make it the whole tour.

I'm going to work on some new interviews and put them up, until then I'll update from the U.S tour more frequently most likely do to WIFI and more accessable connections to this wonderful technology.

Also I got to swim in Europe alot and I was very happy about that. Thanks for all the sick oceans and lakes, plus the fucking bath house in Budapest, Hungary. See you again soon!

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