Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I thought I had forgotten my camera until two days ago, not that I'd be going crazy with it, but since I've already lost an ipod and am without that I need to fill my technological void with something right? Well now that I have it I may just put it to more good use than previously sitting in a small pocket of my shoulder bag. As I wait for people to finish showering I figured I would throw up a quick update, It'll be the first time we've really had access to the internet and time to do so.

Well we have been loudly chuggin along in the Nugget the past 6 days now and well she's starting to get louder. I hope she holds together for this tour, I think she'll get through because I have some love there. She's made it this far and has gone 205,000 miles that's a hell of a lot longer than I ever expected her to last. The pillow palace has been a great addition to the riding in the Nugget, plenty of laying down and leg room, this is what happens when you don't bring anyone on tour with you, you have some extra room. But then again you have to do everything else the other person would, like merch, loading in and out, driving, organizing our messy lives, you know that sort of thing. Somehow we can manage ourselves though and it's going pretty well. Sure I may have to do merch covered in my own sweat and have to sit through bands that need to practice a lot more, but hey I could be home laying in bed listening to Frat parties out of my window.

We've had the chance to hit some awesome new spot's on this tour so far and we are excited about that. It's nice to play new places you've never been and have people excited that you came. So I would like to thank those wonderful people and places without naming them, well because you can check our tour poster and do the checking yourself. I will say this we did get to hit up the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for free, our pal Pat hooked us up with that. How could we say no to that? We arrived with plenty of time to walk around and checkout all of the sea/ocean/river/amazon life we could want and still have time for the Dolphin show. I got to see some crazy seahorses and my favorite of the day was the river otter, to bad their was only one because I think if their was another that would make them a lot happier. So a part of me was a bit bummed about that at times, but I tried to not let it sour my experience. Aquatic life was pretty cool although the Dolphin show was lame, I'm very glad that I didn't spend any money on it, because if I had I would have been furious.

I almost lost my sacred Rochester Red Wings hat in Milwaukee. I left it hanging on a fence outside the venue after we played and I was changing out of my sweaty show clothes, hopped in the van and took off. I realized later that I left my hat hanging on the fence, I said fuck it we'll go back tomorrow morning and see if it' still there. If it was cool if not, oh well, chalk it up to another thing I've lost on tour. But it so happened that as we pulled around the corner of the venue my hat was still on the fence where I left it and I was really happy. I know it's a dirty peace of shit, but I love it.

Off to Winnipeg!

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