Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long Overdue

Things are always moving forward or setting us backward in some sort of fashion, after all that is life right? Well this picture sums up me getting a little McGyver on the Nugget. We were driving north on our way to Winnipeg when we had to pull over because something was scrapping underneath the van. I was just oping that it was the muffler because well we can deal with the loud noise and not miss any shows and spend money we don't have. So we pull off onto the side of the road and jump out of the van to check to see what the issue is, and I guessed it the muffler was dragging. Waiting for the muffler to cool, we see this older couple also pulled off the road smoking a cigarette and they decide to notify us "oh yeah you've been dragging that for a longtime". Thanks for letting us know something we figured out on our own, could of used some help before hand though. Once the muffler is cooled I use some of Eric's old bass strings and tie up the muffler so it no longer will drag on the ground. As I'm taking on this task and under the van some of the other guys decided to play kick the water bottle around while I'm under the van. As I'm finishing up a knot on the bass strings I get a water bottle kicked into my temple. Great timing and a wonderful shot, needless to say I yelled because a) it fucking hurt and b) I couldn't move when I got hit. Finished the knot and finished up that process. The strings are still holding the muffler up and the nugget is still cruising along just fine for our liking.

We've been playing some new spots on this tour and that's always exciting for me, I like seeing what and how people react with each other in different communities. We played this house show in Boise, Idaho and it was pretty funny to me. You could tell that the people at the show felt so awkward being there, in my eyes if that's the case break the wall down. It doesn't have to be nail biting silence and nerves, you don't have to always try and impress people with who you know and what new bands your into. Let that guard down and just be for a moment or two, it'll make things less tense in the long run. So I found that very interesting and we also ate some of the best pesto pasta ever that night.

Seattle and Vancouver were both collectively awesome, in Seattle we got to see and hang with so many friends. It seriously feels like home on the West coast. Mighty O Donuts, WOW bubble tea, and quality people made it just a wonderful time. Plus the show was fucking great. Also after show siting of Jeffery Ross( that comedian on Comedy Central). As we shredded down to California and met up with Dangers for a few shows I got excited. They are seriously one of the best bands playing hardcore music right now. The new songs they have are great, keep an eye out for that record.

We've come across an issue at two separate shows on this tour. The excessive drunk dude. What do you do when there is someone getting into your band, but in a very destructive manner. Bumping into/ knocking over gear and smashing into you as well over and over again. After some verbal warnings and so forth where do you go from there? Where is the line we draw in order not to be a dick, but still want people to enjoy what we're doing. I feel like the responsibility isn't just on the band our the people doing the shows. If you don't want security at shows then we have to be the security. If you see someone being a total annoyance, maybe we collectively take care of it. Both times on this tour it's gotten physical and that just bums me out. I guess this will always be something we have to deal with, but we should be able to find a middle ground. Excitement doesn't mean we disrespect and break a bands expensive gear.

Currently in St. Louis, Missouri hanging at Tony from The Effort's place. It's been a pretty chill day which is nice. Watching football and eating food, I can't really complain at all because well I love football and food. Plus last night we explored this crazy City Museum complex. It was pretty amazing, they created this park out of scrap from all around St. Louis and they had planes, buses, crazy slides, and wild spots to crawl through. It was awesome! So much fun, plus we snuck in so that makes it even more exciting.

More later.

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