Thursday, November 5, 2009

John Twentyfive, Wyld Punx, Not Sorry, How We Are, The Disaster, Break Of Dawn

John and I have been friends for a very longtime, we see eye to eye on most thing's involving this wonderful world we surround ourselves in. That doesn't mean we don't disagree and have our moment's, but that's the beauty of being friends for over a decade. John is a very compassionate, honest, and stubborn person and I truly value that in him. Never afraid to be the person to tell you how it is, espcially in a world where people are always trying to water down the truth. Currently singing in Not Sorry and formerly playing bass in a crap load of bands. John lives in Seattle,Wa and still inspires me to this day and I'm very pleased to have him in my life and to be one of my best friends. Wyld Punx always!

1. What was it like leaving XHead OnX while on tour? (i figured this would be interesting because i really don't have any type of reference for this situation and well i was there and want to know your insight. plus it's been long enough and i think it's a cool story, although you don't have to tell the story)

That was a strange event. Jeff (our singer) and I were not really getting along around that time. Between the band and living together, on top of both being stubborn bullheaded people, it finally came to a head. Looking back on it, it was childish and I was in the wrong for bailing, but it's what I needed to do. I put a lot of time and effort into that band and to have him say, "I've been faking it for months and you haven't noticed" (something to that effect), really hit me hard. I took a bus from South Carolina up to Rochester, NY. It was a 24 bus ride, as well as 24 hours of my life I'll never get back. Ugh, it was the worst.

Though it did allow you guys to meet some cool people and make some cool friends. It could've been worse. Though I'm sure at the time, it was incredibly awkward.

(Editor's note: I was on this tour and not in the band, it was a very awkward moment seeing your good friends argue and have a band that you loved break up right before your eyes.)

2. You've been in band's that have played the same city a few times, can you tell me what it feels like to keep returning to a city and realizing it's just not the same anymore?

It's a total bummer really, but it happens. We both saw it living in Rochester, the turn-over rate of hardcore and punk kids is like a revolving door. But hopefully you've made some long standing friends in those towns and at the very least, they put you up for the night. So you get to see them and hang out, catch up, and talk about old times. I love meeting up with people I haven't seen in a long time and just bullshitting.

3. What insight has touring given to you in the bigger picture of life?

Hm, good question. It teaches you how to deal with people, both good and bad. It also allows you to think on your feet. While touring may not be as hard now as it was in 1982, shit does happen and sometimes you have to make decisions that aren't easy. But having that time to get to know the people in your band, learning to take things with a grain of salt, how to share space when you have very little, is all priceless. If touring doesn't make you a better person in some way, you're doing it wrong.

4. If you could choose one thing about tour and be able to change it what would you pick to change?

Feeding bands. Plain and simple. Now if you are doing a local show and ask a band from an hour away to come play your town, or they asked you for a show, there's no need to roll out the red carpet and fix them a 6 course meal. But for bands that have traveled most of the day and have been on the road for weeks at a time, throw some pasta in a pot, put some sauce on it and you've got an instant meal. If you've been in a van for 6-8 hours eating only gas station junk food, having some warm food waiting for you really hits the spot and does not go unappreciated. If it does, fuck'em and don't fix them food ever again, maybe even consider letting someone else book them next time.

5. Worst place you ever stayed on tour? As detailed as possible please!

The worst place I can remember staying on tour was this dude in New Mexico. We drove like 12 hours overnight to get to the show. It was summer so we didn't want to drive during the day, we ended up arriving at his house at like 5 or 6 in the morning. He told us we could have the house which was fuckin' dirty and stunk like shit, mainly due to the cat poop that was everywhere, along with a weed/stale beer combo. It was hot, 6 in the morning and there was not enough room for the 5 of us. He took a sleeping bag and slept under the hot sun on a plastic folding chair in the "yard" which was little more than dirt. It was so hot in his place, so that made the stench extra tantalizing. And to top if off, the show turned out to mainly be a party . . . cool.

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  1. Awww, if 25 hadn't left Head On, I may have never met any of you. I'm glad I met all of you! Things happen for reasons, that's for sure!