Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ryan "Hex" Canavan a writer, show goer, band member, show booker, lifer

As long as I can remember Ryan has been a staple in the Syracuse Hardcore Community, his zine Hanging Like A Hex was the lifeline for those of us in the western/ upstate, New york area. Ryan has had his hands involved in many different projects over the years, zines, bands, shows, events, and a label. I have the utmost respect for Ryan for making his passion something truly resonating to me. He's a wonder in this world of lazy assholes and poor me attitudes. Ryan has also always told it like it is and I respect that more than anything. Without further ego boosting here ya go! Hex Records, Mistletoe, and Westcott Community Center.

1. The biggest mistake you have ever committed on tour?

Attempting to drive through a mountain pass between Oregon and Northern California in January... not expecting snow. The highway was closed and we had to cancel a show because of it. Total bummer. I'm sure there have been much worse atrocities- almost allowing a bum to knife us in NYC by engaging in conversation with him while in the van, going to the next show a day early when we could have relaxed in Vegas for an extra day, forgetting some of our gear at a show and not realizing it until the next day when we were 200 miles away from it (by some insane stroke of luck it was still where we left it). This is what comes to mind right away. I may have blocked out worse things.

2. With the vast amount of bands touring now, what are a list of reasons for bands to not tour?

There are so many. Seriously, most bands should just not tour. If you're a band, and you're itching to play out of town, stick to just playing some places where you have friends... preferably not too far away. Make it easy on yourself at first. Get good. Maybe record something, then give it a go. Don't bother touring in the summer unless you are certain that all will go well. By and large most bands aren't good. Also, you probably won't break even, so if you're already broke touring is probably not a good idea unless you're extremely crafty. If you're an obnoxious asshole who has an issue with being respectful in other people's town/homes/venues you probably should not go on tour. If you have a serious issue with showing up to anything on time ever touring is probably not a good idea (you'll just piss off promoters trying to run a smooth show). If you're in any band that takes more time to do their hair than they take to learn their instruments you probably shouldn't tour. In fact, you probably should just break up and spare everyone a boatload of misery.

3. What is one routine you get into when you're out on the road?

I've noticed that I tend to consolidate my stuff into a little zone wherever we stay for the night. Some people leave stuff in the van or whatever. I take everything, keep it right around me within easy reach, and essentially make a little nest for the night. I get real protective of all my things because I absolutely hate the idea of losing anything remotely necessary on tour. I guess it's not too weird, but when compared to my bandmates I feel like I might be a little obsessive in that regard.

4. You just committed to a long over night drive what is your first musical selection you go for?

Something that is both lengthy and interesting, so I don't have to change it up a lot and time goes by a little quicker. Perhaps Rush, "Chronicles"?

5. What are some of your favorite things to do while on tour?

I like being in a place that may not be too familiar to me and has some places to explore that are walking distance. It's better than the typical, 'show up, wait, play, find some cheap place to eat, watch a movie, sleep, repeat.' I like all that stuff too, but being in a new place with some interesting facets to the town/area is always really cool too.

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