Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Q&A #1 - 1 on 1 with Eric Anagnostis

Eric plays bass guitar and is the band loud mouth for Soul Control.

#1 Which scenario is more likely to happen Mad Max or Terminator?

E- HMMMMMMM . . . interesting, YES!

#2 What do you do?

E- Well. . . Since the dawn of time. I've seeked, I've seeked, I've seeked to stengthen my grammatical skills while simultaneously excelling in the fields of both science and aerospace technology. Given my background is a white wall and my feet are engulfed in a black sack, I continue to surpass all scientific standards of accepted logical deduction.

#3 When I say couch you say?

E- Tomato, No When you say couch I say first shower.

#4 Out of 24 hours in a day how many of those hours are you on the phone(encompassing all iphone features)?

E- (answered via text) 18 Hours per earth day

#5 Most memorable tour moment to date?

E- New Years 2008 in Rosswein, Germany. We played a show with Verse, Shipwreck, and Blacklisted. Shortly before midnight I man'd up with a down woman transatlanticly and offcially started dating my current girlfriend Ashley. Shortly after midnight my friend Alex and I aquired two massive bottles of sparkling cider which we preceded to sip, pour on our heads, and subsequently spray in the faces of nearly 100 amped up Germans while screaming Viva Germany.


  1. this wasn't a good first interview, cause you can't top eric's answers...