Monday, January 12, 2009

West Coast Struttin'


We said goodbye to The Lone Star state yesterday as we embarked on our hell drive. Already missing Lie And Wait. One of the most down to earth bands around these days, can't wait to see those guys again sooner than later I hope. Maybe we can dance together, piss in front of each other, and get violent sooner than later.

After a 20 hour van ride we arrived in San Diego, CA. We were greeted by our friend Sarah who is letting us crash at her house. Sarah also made us the best breakfast ever this morning, Pancakes, Tofu Scramble, Grapes, Potatoes, and some O.J. It was the best breakfast of tour so far.

We are meeting up with the Rottting Out guys today and we'll be raging with them for the next week or so up the Cali. coast. The sun is out and we are happy to be wearing t-shirts. Some of us are starting to come down with the tour cold, I hope it doesn't spread to everyone, because that would suck.

"Stay Classy San Diego"

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