Monday, January 19, 2009

Q&A #1 - Chris Browne of Polar Bear Club

1. So being on tour is pretty much like being in a relationship with four or five other people. Who do you find yourself spending the most time with while on tour and why?

Hmm...that's tough because most of the time we're sort of traveling in a pack, but I guess I'd say our drummer Emmett. Not even really sure why. We piss each other off plenty, but we also end up sticking together alot of the time and generally enjoying each other's company. I guess it probably has to do with the fact that the two of us handle most of the "planning" type stuff with the band, so we have a good deal to talk about. Although the real answer to this question is definitely myself. It's crazy how quickly touring can become your comfortable routine just like school or work if you give yourself enough alone time -- it's also really to spend TOO much time with everyone and get sick of each other, but as much as we joke about it, I consider us to be about as close as a band could get. Those dudes are my family, whether we all like it or not.

2. When your on the phone how many miles do you think you walk while talking?

Obviously it depends on the length of the conversation. It probably ends up something like this, according to who I'm talking to:

Rob Antonucci - 0 miles (some day we'll remember to return each other's calls)
A catch-up sesh with Rory - 8 miles (about a solid hour of constant pacing in a parking lot, most likely)
My mom - 0.1 miles
A hot babe - 37 miles

I know your readers can't possibly be educated types, so to spell this out, the joke here is that I frantically pace back and forth whenever on the phone and it annoys the hell out of Rory. Good one, Rory. Tell it again.

3. Who's the first person to fall asleep when you get in the van to drive and how long does that take?

Definitely Goose. He's asleep before the van even moves; it's just an instinct of his. The kid is like an infant. All he does is eat, sleep, take dumps, and not shower.

4. How is touring in PBC compared to touring with Achilles, the Breaking Project and or your small stint with How We Are?

It's always been a lot different, but it's more different now than it's ever been. It used to be that PBC was the only band I've been in that really "partied" non-stop when we had the rare chance to tour, and none of the other bands were big drinkers or anything like that. These days we still do our fair share, but it's especially different because touring has become the norm rather than the break-from-the-norm. I always wondered what it would be like to tour full-time, and now I'm finding out. Luckily it's still as fun as it's ever been, but I definitely take it easier and don't treat it like a vacation anymore. And just in general I think every band has its own dynamic and is fun to tour with in its own way -- Achilles had Rob's personality to entertain us, Proj were childhood best friends, and HWA was a totally different style and group of dudes than I'm used to, and also a cool opportunity to just enjoy the ride rather than being the planner or business guy of the group. I've loved every band I've been a part of for very different reasons.

5. (this doesn't have to be PBC, out of any tours so far) Most memorable tour moment?

I almost just took the easy way out and named a few of them because there are just so many and it's hard to choose. But I think I like this question because it forces me to really think about all the amazing experiences touring has given me, and actually reflect on it all for once. And that's something I don't think people do enough (or at least I don't). That being said, if I really had to choose just one, I'd say probably The Fest 7 this past October. Our set specifically was easily the most fun I've ever had playing a show, and just the whole weekend was great and filled with old and new friends from around the country and the world. That's almost cheating because I feel like the fest is just this giant conglomeration of everyone's best tour friends and moments, but it was definitely special. Either than or Fat Chicks At The Snack Table from Columbus, Ohio.

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