Sunday, January 18, 2009

Q&A #1 - Ben Krueger of Like Wolves

We recently played some shows with Like Wolves
from Rochester,NY. I've liked this band from the first note I heard when I saw them play. The energy and the passion these guys put in their music shines through with every note. One of the best kept secrets in punk and hardcore in my opinion. Here's the vocal and skateboard shredder Ben.

1. It's the morning of tour and you forgot to pack, what are the first five thing's you think of and take with you for tour?

-My skateboard is the first thing to always go in the van
- Notebook
-Book I am currently reading
-Hard edge.

2. Pissing in Bottles an art form or just one more thing that could get ugly on tour?

-For me, it is an art form/comedy routine. During those long cramped van rides, there is nothing like taking all of your clothing off to pee in as small a bottle as possible. The art form comes from the 80 mph no hand pees behind the wheel while everyone is asleep.hahahah

3. The best part about being on tour from your perspective?

-Coming back home with good stories, strengthening my friendships with my bandmates, reading, seeing friends in faraway places.

4. When your not driving what are you doing in the van?

-One of three things:Peeing in bottles, yelling about bad music or reading

5. What is the first thing you do when you get home from tour?

-Tell my dog about my trip.

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  1. I love these guys. Im honestly surprised nobody has picked them up yet. And Ben is one of the nicest guys ive ever met.